Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Morning

My sister in law gave me her barely used iphone and I am forever grateful! :) I didn't think I wanted one, but I LOVE instagram. I can't help it! 

Thank you, Leigh!!

Pictures I took with the iphone this morning:
 A couple of nights ago, when I was putting Isaac to bed, he wanted me to leave the blinds on his window open.  He snuggled down in his blanket and said, "I just want to see the sunrise. Mama, if I look at the sun when it comes up, will I see God?"
This morning Savannah told me that she had a "tickle in her eye". I told her that she might be allergic to something, and she said, "Well Mama, maybe if I drink some water, eat my gummy vitamins, and eat some yogurt, then I will feel better."  :)
 This chicken was fussing at me this morning.
Pretty dandelions. Savannah loves these.
She picked dandelions for me.
Sweetie :)

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