Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thoughts on a Rainy Day...

It has been raining all day. I enjoy rainy days when I can do a little housework, drink coffee, maybe read a good book, take a nice nap, watch a movie, complete a painting project... Those are things that I might have done before I had children. Now I have to think of ways to keep two 2 yr olds entertained and busy all day (inside of the house) without going crazy. I love it, though. Two years is such a fun age!! Except for the potty training part, which is torture. I didn't enjoy finding piles of poop on the living room carpet today. But I won't talk about that...

Many times I wish that I could just freeze time for a little while, because they are growing up so fast! Their personalities are so different from each other, it makes me laugh. Savannah is my little organizer. She goes around the house, rearranging things, putting things where she thinks that they should be. I get little surprises when I open the cabinets. Joe gets "presents" when he puts on his boots in the morning. Isaac, on the other hand, likes to make messes and laugh about it. She loves cars and trucks, which is funny, because I didn't think that little girls were usually interested in vehicles. She is fascinated. She always points out different cars that she likes, and she remembers what cars our friends and family drive. Isaac, on the other hand, is too busy thinking of things to get into to notice cars and trucks. He doesn't stop until he crashes. His motto is go, go, go! His favorite toys are his Lego blocks, and his ball. He still loves to rock - he gets on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth in his bed until he falls asleep. Savannah and Isaac both love books. Isaac always wants me to read the book first, and then he wants to look at every page by himself. It is funny to me that he likes to look at books so much, when otherwise he can't stop moving. I'm really glad that they like books! Savannah is a little Mama. She makes sure that Isaac is taken care of, and she has stuffed animals that she takes good care of . Okay, she's a little bossy too :) The other day she looked at my fingernails, and said "Mama, we need to clip these". They both like play dough, and they both like to "cook". I think Isaac likes to cook so that he can get away with making bigger messes ;) Savannah loves to cuddle with me, but Isaac is usually too busy climbing on things, unless he has worn himself out. Then he will find some place to lie down. The slide at MacDonald's, under the end table in our living room... Anyway, I could ramble on literally all night, so I think I should stop now :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Busy Summer

I haven't been able to post pictures lately, because of our numerous computer problems. We've been getting it "fixed" for a couple of months now. I am stuck using Joe's laptop, which has it's own problems, and I can't upload pics on it either! As you all know, I love taking pictures, and I would love to be able to post them!

Anyway, we've had a really busy summer. Almost every weekend we have a fish fry, or a cook-out. For the 4Th of July, we roasted a whole hog ( same as last year). A few weeks ago we went to Chattanooga TN, to visit my Aunt. She lives on Signal Mt., and we love visiting. I am always wishing we could stay longer :) More recently, though, Savannah has been very sick. She is much better now, but last week was pretty tough. She had a virus that turned into a respiratory infection, and she was miserable. She wouldn't eat anything for days, and I had to strongly persuade her to drink fluids, so that she wouldn't get dehydrated. She would cry and cry, until she had worn herself out. I am SO GLAD that she is doing so much better now, and that she doesn't have to take that antibiotic anymore! Isaac had the virus too, but his did not turn into an infection.

Today has been pretty normal. S & I have been "cooking", a game that they think requires water, because it is so much fun to pour water from one dish to the other, and stir stir stir. They enjoy cooking with their play dough too. Translation: giant messes. Savannah likes to make messes and clean them up, which is a good thing. I, of course, have to go behind and clean up anyway (she's only 2, after all). After lunch, I thought it would be fun for them to help me make pudding. Hahaha. We did have fun, but definitely at the expense of their clothes, the table, the floor... I made the mistake of leaving the room for a few minutes to get something. I came back to find Isaac using his pudding as a lotion, smearing it all over his legs, feet, and arms. He held up a pudding covered foot to me and grinned. Savannah had dumped hers out on the table and was making big "swirls" with her hands. I picked them up at arms length and put them directly into the bathtub. They had great fun in the tub also. I wish that I could clean the table and floor that easily... :) We then read "Blueberries for Sal", and now they are asleep. What would I do without nap time? ;-)