Wednesday, April 16, 2008

These are some pics from this weekend - me, Miss Sonya (Joe's Mom), Leigh (Joe's sister), and the babies drove down to Louisiana to visit family and go to the Strawberry Festival.
This is what Isaac and Savannah did at the Strawberry Festival :)
A tree at the Festival.

Miss Sonya really enjoyed the daiquiris.

Leigh and Logan (still in the oven), and Sonya at the Festival.

Savannah after the Festival.

Sonya (Grandma) and Isaac. Miss Sonya was pretty burned from the Strawberry Festival.

Uncle Eddie Paul and Isaac. We really enjoyed staying with Eddie Paul and Pam!
Savannah needed a nap.
Leigh and Aunt Pam.
Sonya took this picture of me and Savannah - I think she missed her true calling to be a photographer :)

Sonya's niece Amber and her very cute little boy, Peyton, and Miss Sonya.

Savannah is giving her cousin a kiss :)

These are just some pics from when we got back home, earlier this week:

Isaac is ignoring Savannah.
Savannah is giving Isaac a look.

Melissa fixed Savannah's hair.

Isaac is a cutie pie :)