Friday, May 2, 2014


Our good friends Joel, Camon, and their ADORABLE baby boy, Boaz, visited our neck of the woods a couple of weeks ago. All the way from Colorado! It was so great to visit with them. This is a random assortment of pictures from our trip to Natural Bridge, AL - so glad we all went together! It isn't too far from where we live and is a beautiful, easy hike to take the kids on.
 Joel & Boaz ~
 So sweet ~
 "Why are you interrupting?"

 Love this picture of the twins.

 Isaac kept running ahead, climbing on rocks and just having the best time.

 Camon & Boaz.

 Boaz loved Savannah and Isaac. He laughed at them every time they did anything, so cute.

Uncle Joe (my husband) playing with Boaz. LOVE.

Joel and Camon, y'all come back soon!  We'll babysit ;-)