Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Isaac and Savannah! 2 Years Old!

This pic is from earlier today ( their actual birthday). They were playing on their "new" swing-set :) :)
Their cake was chocolate with strawberry buttercream icing (mmmm...), and "bugs" that I made out of dark chocolate.
Isaac eating Mimi's food. Notice the focused look on his face.
Savannah got surprised by the camera. It was very hard to take pictures of them at their party.
Ella eats sprinkles off of the table :)
Savannah likes sprinkles too.
Isaac and Savannah eat food.
I cut the cake.
We had to blow out their candles for them. They were very confused.

We finally get to the good part!

Opening presents. They didn't really understand this either. Thank you to everyone who came for all of the great presents! They are really enjoying them!!
Isaac loves these blocks.
These pics are from earlier today (Isaac and Savannah's real b'day). Savannah was born at 9:18 a.m. Feb 26, 2007 ; Isaac was born immediately after at 9:20 a.m.
Eating pancakes this morning.
I put candles in the pancakes. Once again they were confused.

I had a hard time taking these pics. They didn't want to smile, they just made faces the whole time :) You can tell who they did NOT get their beautiful blue eyes from :)
Me and Savannah:Me and Isaac:

This is the "previously loved" play set that Joe and I gave them. They were so excited!

Savannah and Isaac can swing on the "big swings", we just haven't bought them yet.

They had a very happy Birthday!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Old and New" - a few older pictures and some recent ones that I like :)

These pics are from last summer. I know they are old, but they are so cute! :)

I was trying to get them to smile by putting a cup of pudding on my head. Instead they licked their lips :)

These are recent pictures:

Another pic of Isaac reading - I know that I already posted a couple of these. I love his laugh.

Isaac was proud of getting to sit beside "Uncle Jesse".

Aren't they handsome? Isaac looks like a "big boy".

Savannah got into Aunt Glenda's lipstick while she was visiting in January.

Her baby needed a little color.

She did get in trouble for this.

Isaac eating his breakfast.

Savannah eats her breakfast while wearing a shirt around her face. She likes to wear shirts and underwear and whatever she can find - around her head. ???

They will be 2 years old Feb. 26!