Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Old and New" - a few older pictures and some recent ones that I like :)

These pics are from last summer. I know they are old, but they are so cute! :)

I was trying to get them to smile by putting a cup of pudding on my head. Instead they licked their lips :)

These are recent pictures:

Another pic of Isaac reading - I know that I already posted a couple of these. I love his laugh.

Isaac was proud of getting to sit beside "Uncle Jesse".

Aren't they handsome? Isaac looks like a "big boy".

Savannah got into Aunt Glenda's lipstick while she was visiting in January.

Her baby needed a little color.

She did get in trouble for this.

Isaac eating his breakfast.

Savannah eats her breakfast while wearing a shirt around her face. She likes to wear shirts and underwear and whatever she can find - around her head. ???

They will be 2 years old Feb. 26!

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Jessica said...

Great pictures. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at their birthday party. :)