Friday, January 23, 2009

Isaac and Savannah Vacuum, Play, and Dance

Isaac likes to vacuum. I hope he enjoys this for years to come :)
This is one of those pics that will embarrass him later in life. He was trying on Aunt Melissa's shoes :)
Savannah looks sweet :)
Isaac and Savannah make faces while snacking.

Ella (a friend) and Savannah hang out in the play room.
Isaac is sitting close to them and playing with his tool belt.
Savannah thinks something is really funny.

These videos are a lot darker on the computer :(

Friday, January 9, 2009

Isaac and Savannah Coloring and Playing Outside Today

Savannah purposely did not look at the camera.
Maybe she is thinking "get that camera out of my face..."

Isaac shows me a leaf :)
Isaac and Savannah carried their cups the entire time that we were outside - I guess they were really thirsty today.
Savannah was sleepy and had to go for an early nap. Isaac really enjoyed his private reading time.