Monday, March 31, 2014

Life Lately in iPhone Pics

Just some random photos from the iPhone - Isaac showing off his beard:

Spring FINALLY showing it's colors:

Savannah on a walk:
My cousins Cessley and Courtney, and Aunt Andrea (middle), at Courtney's baby shower:
Blooms at the River Walk:

Our first visit to the River Walk this year ~

Isaac and Savannah sitting in a giant magnolia tree beside the walking bridge.
The twins surprised me with a puppet show to celebrate my 30th birthday:
Savannah playing with Reagan on our trip to Tennessee last weekend:

The twins having fun at the Chattanooga Aquarium:

Outside of the aquarium. :)

Happy Monday!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Birthday Pictures *Updated*

It's been about a month since the twins birthday, so I figured I really need to post some pictures! I've had computer difficulties and basically didn't want to deal with it, but if I don't post some now, I'll end up waiting til their next birthday ;) It's now or never!

I found some cute pics on my phone from the day of their birthday, Feb. 26:

Being silly :)

We made some cupcakes to share with our friends...
 ...and met them at McDonald's for a birthday lunch:
 We are blessed to have such great friends!

Looking at these pictures, the twins just seem so grown up! *sigh*

Moving on!

Party day with the family:
  Isaac had a Hobbit themed cake. The m&m's are supposed to be Smaug's flames.
 Savannah had a Barbie/Ballerina cake.

 Singing "Happy Birthday" ~
 Savannah is still listening but Isaac is gearing up to blow out the candle.

Some of the party guests:
 MiMi and Gavin ~
 MiMi and Noah ~
 Avery ~
Elizabeth ~
 Opening presents...

 The twins are seven!

Thank you to everyone who celebrated Isaac and Savannah's birthday with us!! You made this day very special for them, and they will talk about it until next year I'm sure ;)  And thank you so much for the many many presents, they are enjoying all of their new goodies!

We love y'all!