Friday, February 26, 2010

February 26, 2010! Isaac and Savannah are 3!!!

Happy Happy Birthday to Savannah and Isaac!!! They are having a great Birthday so far! We (Joe & I) got up this morning and put presents out for them before we got them up. They were so excited! Then we had cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing and sprinkles :) , and eggs, of course! The one thing that they have been requesting for their Birthday is sprinkles! On EVERYTHING. I don't know where they come up with this stuff, but I guess all kids like sprinkles. I asked them what they wanted for their Birthday supper, and Isaac said "Pizza!!" Savannah specified "Birthday pizza!" I said "What is on a Birthday pizza??" They both immediately answered: "SPRINKLES!"

They are not having cake until their party tomorrow, but don't worry, they are not missing out! ;) I will post pictures later, I have so much to do today! I hope everyone is having a Happy Friday!!!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Savannah Says...

I had the sweetest conversation with Savannah last night, and I wanted to write it down so I won't forget. It wasn't what we talked about, it is really just that we talked. It is so sweet that she is getting old enough to express her feelings and thoughts more.

Last night, at about midnight, I wasn't asleep (no surprise there), and I went to check on Isaac and Savannah. Isaac was sleeping soundly, but Savannah wasn't. She saw me and smiled. I leaned down to kiss her, and she said "Daddy is snoring, Daddy likes to snore!" *giggle* ( Joseph snores, wow, with VOLUME). I said "I don't know if he likes to snore, but when he falls asleep, he snores anyway. That is just what happens when he falls asleep." Savannah: "You don't snore." She shook her head and looked at me very thoughtfully. She had that "listening look" on her face. She started telling me about the cars outside, about lights at the window, and several things she had noticed. She seems to notice everything. She had her "Animals" book tucked in the side of her bed, and she pulled it out and said "do you want to look at this book with me?" She LOVES animals, and is very interested in everything about them. She has a nightlight, so we could look at the pictures without bothering Isaac. He sleeps really soundly anyway. :) She started telling me about all of the animals, and asking questions. She was mostly asking questions about the words. "Mommy, what does this word say? What about this word?" and she would repeat the word each time. I wish I had a recording of her sweet, cute little voice, and the way she was saying everything. We looked through that book several times. I finally realized how late (or early) it was, and said "goodnight" again. When I got up, though, she said "Mommy, sit back down, and put your head right here." She patted the space beside her pillow and looked so imploringly, that of course I sat down and looked at the book again. She put her face close to mine and started telling me about the animals again! She doesn't tire of animals! I finally got up and took her to bed with me. I know I sound like a "wuss", maybe I sound like a parent that gives in too easily, but I kept thinking about what a precious time this was, and how all to soon, she would be grown up. She didn't fall asleep in our room though. Although it was dark and we couldn't look at her book. She talked about how Daddy is a man and I am a women. She is a girl and Isaac is a boy. About Daddy still snoring. And by the way, "Aunt Missa", in case you have made it this far without falling asleep, she said "when we were in the Mountains, Aunt Missa taught me how to play with Isaac's toys. She said 'go away, play with Isaac's toys' " Then Savannah giggled like it was a great joke. ;) That girl can talk up a storm!!! Finally, of course, I had to put her in her own bed. It was a sweet time though.

Monday, February 22, 2010

First (and hopefully last, but probably not), visit to the ER

We were visiting family in Baton Rouge this weekend, and Savannah fell onto an iron and tile coffee table and broke her collar bone! It happened about five minutes after we arrived, and we spent a late night in the ER. Savannah has been great all weekend though! She is very resilient, and hasn't fussed about it much at all. In fact, my main challenge is to keep her from doing too much and hurting it more! Her and her brother are too rough with each other when they play, and I have to keep them "reigned in". Easier said than done! Anyway, we still had a good time visiting family, and I will post pictures later!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


We made some yummy red velvet cupcakes today! With creamy cream cheese icing. :) We didn't really do anything else for Valentine's day, just had a nice relaxing day & made cupcakes. Savannah and Isaac had fun, and really enjoyed that icing!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Park Day!

We finally got to go outside today! Yay! Isaac and Savannah were so excited when I told them where we were going! First Beans n' Cream (coffee shop, good donuts), then Lee Park. :) I snapped a few pics at the park with my phone.
We have been inside so much due to cold/wet/wind, it was really a relief to be able to get outside. Isaac couldn't stand still, but he isn't disappointed that he didn't get in the pic. ;)
WooWeeeee! :-)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Guitar Hero

Isaac love's his Uncle Jesse's Guitar Hero! He was such a cutie with this guitar, I had to take several pictures - he was so excited! :)
I had to take one of Savannah too! :-)

Monday, February 8, 2010