Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pictures and Loose Teeth

We are having a fun week so far! Yesterday we were coffee shoppin' it up, and today we've been playing outside.
 This girl is sweet and stylish. Her clothing choices always inspire me. :)
 This boy is about to lose his bottom two teeth : / Am I happy about this? No! This is another sign that he is growing up too fast. He just turned five, so it seems a little early to be losing teeth - but his first teeth grew in at four months, so he was early with the chompers. Savannah got her first teeth a little later, and she isn't showing any signs of loose teeth yet. She keeps telling Isaac that she is "so proud of him" for his loose teeth. :)

 My niece Elizabeth! She is just growing and growing, and is so cute and sweet. I love her pig-tails.
Eating a popcorn snack on the patio. Savannah looked up and posed as I snapped this picture.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


Buzz_B said...

They're all such gorgeous looking children :D
Hope your son's teeth aren't gone for too long when they finally come out!
Lovely pictures too, you've certainly got a knack for it!

Beth said...

Thank you!! I'm not worried about how his teeth will look, I just have a hard time thinking about how fast he is growing up :)

michael said...

They will be in their teens in no time. Enjoy the time. Great pics.