Thursday, April 12, 2012

Seven Things I Love

It is a beautiful day here in east Mississippi. We are having our last (I think) cold snap of the season, and just for fun I thought I would share seven random things that I am loving right now:
1. Fresh flowers on my patio. Thanks MiMi!
2.This field is very close to my house - I get to enjoy it's beauty every time I drive home from town. And sometimes when I'm just out for a drive.
3. Coffee. Ok ok... when do I not love coffee?
4. This picture-phobic man. :) xoxo  (Alright, this one is obvious - sorry folks, couldn't resist!)

Why did I put coffee before love? Coffee always comes first, you know that!

5. This post from Joy The Baker: Turning TwentyOne Seriously, read this! So funny, so thought provoking, so true for anyone from 21 to 91.

6. The Hunger Games
                                                  The Hunger Games
Yes, still loving these books. I haven't watched the movie yet, but I'm re-reading the first book before I do. These books are more than just a great story. Hopefully, they are a wake-up call to my generation (and beyond) about the need to prepare for whatever may come our way. Many "younger" people seem to have the attitude that "prepping" for disasters and knowing how to be self-sufficient is what superstitious, conspiracy theorist people do. Sure, there are those types of extremists out there (and I have nothing against them), but for the most part, being self sufficient and preparing for LIFE is just called common sense. Also, blindly letting the government take over (as we are doing right now, and have been for some time) = stupid. Unfortunately, it seems too late to stop this snow-ball.
Disclaimer: Just because I believe this to be true doesn't mean that I am claiming to be totally self-sufficient and all knowing about living that way. I'm still learning. :)

7. Taking walks and soaking in these wonderful spring days with my two little ones:

Alright, there you have it! Seven things that I love - and certainly not in that order!

Happy Thursday!



Melissa said...

I love this post. As I love all your posts.

after3 said...

great post. a3

Beth said...

Thanks y'all!