Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things to Remember

August. Hard to believe it's already here, right? It greeted us with another heat wave! 104 degrees yesterday, and the humidity was worse.

I am so grateful for these kids!  The little things that they say really crack me up. A couple nights ago, Savannah and I were going outside to check on the chickens, but Isaac was still taking time eating his supper. Savannah turned around as we were going out and said "Don't worry, Isaac, you won't be alone. The kitty is still here, and so is God!"

Isaac is such a sweetie, and yet he always wants to play the bad guy. What is going on with that? He seems to think that the "bad guy" is the tough one. Joe tries to convince him otherwise. Isaac insists that the bad guys win. Joe then reminds him of one of his favorite stories, David and Goliath. Who won in that story? David, because God gave him strength. Isaac seems to think that this is just an exception. He wants to be rough and tough, and apparently thinks he has to be a "bad guy" to play the part. Ah well, I think he'll come around. He's really a good guy at heart. :)

Savannah is in love with our new kitten, Smokey. The other day she was holding Smokey, and said "Mama, look! Smokey is looking at you! She likes you mama, isn't that sweet? Oh look at that funny face she's making! She is so funny. I didn't know we had such a sweet, funny cat."  She is such a little Mama!!

One day I overheard my brother Jesse tell Isaac that he was a big baby. (this is funny because Isaac is always beating him up ;)) Isaac answered with confidence, "No, I'm not a baby, I'm just Mama's baby!"

Another thing Isaac has been doing is calling our Sequoia a submarine. He can't understand why it would be called a sequoia, that just doesn't make good sense. So when we go somewhere, he has started asking, "Mama, are we going in the submarine?" I guess that does sound more exciting. ;)

Savannah and Isaac both really enjoy our nighttime ritual of reading books together. They have many favorites. "Frog and Toad", "Curious George", "Night Noises", "The Biggest Bear", and of course Bible stories, just to name a few. But they also enjoy just having a little "one on one" time with me. Savannah says "Alright Mama, just lay right here and lets talk for a little while. Now, there are lots of fun things that we can do tomorrow." And then she launches into a list of  plans and hopes that she has thought of for the next day. I think she is definitely a planner. :)  Isaac, on the other hand, is a dreamer. When I tuck him into his bed, he likes to tell me stories. He has several versions of "The Big Bad Wolf" stories. He has special voices for each character. He likes for me to play along too, and be one of his characters. It surprises me how well he can change his voice.  One time when he was probably 2 1/2 yrs old, he talked to me in a sort of creepy gravelly voice the whole time we were out shopping. He thought it was great fun. The other shoppers probably thought that there was something wrong with my child, but who cares?

Savannah and Isaac have been painting a cardboard playhouse that they got last Christmas. That thing has lasted a long time! Savannah is so creative and loves to paint. Isaac is also creative, but he likes to paint himself. I thought he might outgrow that, but he hasn't yet. So Savannah is busy drawing, coloring, or painting any surface that is allowed, while Isaac is busy trying to paint his whole body, hopefully unnoticed by me. ;) Ah children, the spice of life, you might say. Well, wait until you have to clean up one of these messes! Really, I kid. Children are the spice of life, and I love them!

I hope everyone has a marvelous weekend!

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