Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Friday! *Updated*

I just wanted to add a few things that I don't want to forget!  

Today we went to McDonald's, and Isaac pretended to be The Big Bad Wolf. Savannah and all of the other kids really got into it.  It was pretty funny. They were calling him "The Big Bad Wolf", and completely playing along the whole time. They had so much fun it was hard for us to leave. :)  He also became interested in Ronald McDonald, and asked all of the kids if they had seen "Ronald", or talked to him. I don't know why he suddenly was interested in Ronald, I haven't ever talked about him. To me, he's a tacky plastic figure sitting on a bench.  So anyway, tonight when I was putting him to bed, he told me a fantastical story about a Bear, The Big Bad Wolf, Ronald, and Himself.  Later he added his Uncle Jesse and Batman.  There was a lot going on in that story!  

Savannah had several jokes to tell me when I was tucking her in. She started with "Why did the chicken walk on the road? Because he is a chicken!" (giggles) She told a few jokes similar to this, and I laid down beside her while she was talking. I was getting really sleepy, and Savannah got quiet for a moment. Then she said  "Mama, if you stay in bed much longer, another joke is going to happen!" 

Savannah has such a sweet, loving way about her. Isaac and Savannah are both so precious that I could cry thinking about them. So there. The Mama in me is so sentimental! Anyone else have that happen? Have kids and turn into a sentimental basketcase? It happened to me, but I consider it a blessing. Although tearing up during certain commercials on tv (or at random moments) can be embarrassing. ;)

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Melissa said... happened to me....oh yet. Haha, I loved this, I wish I had Isaac's stories recorded.