Friday, February 7, 2014


 I snapped a few pictures of my almost-seven-year-olds this morning:

Ahhh, the conversations we've had about turning seven. These two have some pretty grand ideas about seven. A couple of nights ago as I was putting them to bed, I asked what they wanted for their Birthday. Without hesitation, (I suppose he's been thinking about this for a while) Isaac rattled off a pretty spectacular list:

1. Cannon that shoots meatballs. (So he can shoot at people without hurting them)
2. Parachute.
3. Shield that also shoots bullets. At this point Savannah pointed out that this probably hadn't been invented yet. She then described in detail how she would design said shield that also shoots bullets, and ended by saying, "but it might be too dangerous for a seven age." Isaac looked at her and continued with his list.
4. A cape that makes him fly.
5. And, "boots that make me rise up in the air and fire comes out."

Savannah asked for things that, as she put it, "are really invented":
1. Ken doll. There are only girls in the Barbie house right now, and it's a little unbalanced, in Savannah's opinion.
2. "Sparkle-y lip gloss that smells like blueberries."
3. Doll clothes.
4. Cat. Specifically, "a white cat with orange stripes." I told her this cat may not exist, to which she replied with complete confidence, "oh, it does. I'm picturing it in my head right now."
5. I added this one, because she asks for more drawing paper nearly every day: Art Kit.  She needs a bag like Mary Poppins carpet bag, so she can pull out an endless supply of art supplies.

Fortunately they understand that this is a pie-in-the-sky wish list and they may not get all of these things. The "seven age" is an exciting age to be.

Happy weekend!

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