Friday, January 10, 2014

It's Friday... I think it's about time for pictures:
(iphone and fujifilm pics)
A bayou in the Mississippi delta. I took this when we visited Papaw in December.
Coffee and my new blanket. Thanks Mom!!
Stacking wood on the back porch.
The twins with their Great-Grandpa.
Savannah, Elizabeth and MiMi.
Christmas decor.

Trees in front of our house... because I like trees ;)

Part of a card Savannah made for Santa:

Christmas morning:

 She was so surprised :)
The One Ring! (Isaac is really into 'the hobbit')

Christmas night:
I thought it was cute how they have their Christmas toys set up in Savannah's room - there was something fun going on in here when I walked up to say goodnight :)

Sweet :)

Happy Weekend!

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