Friday, August 3, 2012

Our Life in... Alabama???

This past week we celebrated eight years of marriage and closed on a "new" house. As you probably guessed from the title of this post, our new house is just across the state line in Alabama. Granted, that's only about ten minutes or so from where we live now, but it still calls into question the name of my blog. So, should I change it? And if I do change it, should it be an entirely different name altogether? Decisions, decisions.

Anyway, about the house:
It's off of a gravel/ dirt road surrounded by trees and has more land with it than our current home. We've really been wanting more privacy and more land and we are so excited about this house! It also has a big front porch and a smaller back porch, which we love.
Porches are so important to us!

We bought this house for a great deal because it needs LOTS of work. Needs: kitchen (yes, there is a room for the kitchen, just nothing else), floors, paint, air-conditioning for upstairs, stairs finished, and just many small but necessary fix-it type tasks. We'll be doing most everything ourselves because we're on a budget, but I am so excited about it! I'm ready to get started! Unfortunately for Joe, he has to do the hard stuff because he actually knows what he's doing. But hey, I can paint! And I'm willing to do whatever it takes and try not to mess up anything in the process. ;)
 Also, we are so blessed to have good friends and family that want to help too!
I don't have any pictures of the house today, but I'll share pictures as we fix things up and gradually make the house a home.

A few pictures from this morning:

(cell phone pic) ^

The twins really wanted to bake today, and even though I have a million other things I need to do, we baked. And I'm glad we did! We made this pumpkin bread recipe (in muffin form) from my "Joy the Baker" cookbook, and they are yummy! Full of good stuff like pecans, pumpkin, honey. I didn't have maple syrup, so I added honey instead and reduced the amount of sugar. They were a hit!

And don't worry, I'm getting other things accomplished too! ;)

Happy Friday!

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