Thursday, July 26, 2012

Colorado Pictures

Last week Joe and I attended a beautiful wedding for a close friend of ours, who happens to live in Colorado. We had so much fun visiting great friends and seeing amazing places! These are just some of the pictures:

 Elk outside of Estes Park.
 I think the pictures of elk are Joe's favorite from the trip, and they're just from my phone. :)
On the road.

Mount Goliath.

Driving up Mt. Evans, the highest paved road in the U.S.
That cone made me feel safe.
On Mt. Evans, almost to the top.

The top.
Lots of crazy goats up there.
Looking down, you can see the road if you look close.
Rain falling on some distant mountains.
On our way down.

At the bottom.
 Going through a canyon.

A glimpse of the river.
Just outside of Aspen, driving down Independence Pass.
Still going down Independence Pass. The most beautiful part of Colorado (that I saw) was down this road.

Going down, just after passing the sign. I have so many pictures, but I think I'll stop here! Pictures don't do these places justice anyway. You really have to see them in person.

Now for my favorite pictures, me and my hubby at the wedding:
 This was the top picture in a roll of three pictures from the photo booth at the wedding. I was having too much fun to take pictures on my camera, but I love these!!
Thank you Joel and Camon for a wonderful time! Your wedding was one of the best I've ever been to and you are the sweetest couple together! Blessings on you both as you start your new life together!

Side-note: The twins spent the week with their Grammy and Grandpa, that's why their cute faces aren't in any of these pictures! 


Bergamot said...

so glad you had a wonderful time...made me homesick. Colorado will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Jessica said...

I love these pictures! The one of the goat was really good too.

Beth said...

Thank you Bergamot and Jessica! It was so beautiful there.