Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Heat

Sometimes, we get bored splashing around in our little kiddie pool and need a change of scenery. We get bored and HOT. Driven into the house by heat, certain five year old's jump off of furniture, throw frisbees in the house, hang off of their mother saying "Mama mama mama mama mama mama" - you get the point. So to beat the heat induced boredom and save one Mom (me) from complete insanity, we've been getting out and about:

 Playing at a local spray park.

This face makes me smile :)

Boys and water-guns = a match made in heaven!

Eating ice cream!!!

Also: Joe got the boat running and we went out on the river yesterday! That was so much fun, but I didn't take any pictures. You'll just have to imagine how nice it was, riding down the river and then relaxing in the cool water. Aaah.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Happy Monday!

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