Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Splendid Bed

  Isaac and Savannah playing on Isaac's "new" bed:
His Mimi and Papaw gave him a mattress, which was great timing since his old mattress has a hole in it and was falling apart. The "new" mattress fits on an old iron bed-frame that's been in our family for awhile - it belonged to my great-grandparents. I slept on this bed when I was little and it's been in my mom's attic.
Isaac is VERY proud of this bed! He is so hilarious! As I was putting it up, he kept saying "this bed is just splendid!" He loves words, and is always trying out new ones. "Splendid" is his current word. He was stuck on "conflict" for a little while, because that was the "word of the day" on sesame street and he really liked it. One day I overheard the twins arguing about their bicycles out on the patio. Suddenly Isaac stopped fussing and said, in a very animated voice, "Vanna, we are having a CONFLICT!" They were both so excited about this, they forgot what they were having a "conflict" about. :)

Anyway, he was so enamored with his splendid bed that he kept fake yawning and saying "I am really tired Mama." So Savannah and I let him have a rest time with his new bed, until he decided he wasn't as tired as he'd thought.

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