Friday, March 16, 2012

Cell Phone Pictures

We've been out enjoying some beautiful weather this week, but unfortunately I haven't taken many pictures!
Here are a couple of cute ones I took with my phone this morning:

We were at a new coffee shop that opened today. They liked it so much Savannah said we should go everyday! Ha! That probably had something to do with the strawberry cupcake she ate and mostly the fact that her Aunt Kimberly works there.

The twins have such funny conversations. Last night we were at the walking track, and after they tired themselves out running around, I let them get in the stroller for the rest of the walk. Savannah turned to Isaac and said "I'm the fastest runner! Faster than anybody!" To which Isaac replied, "No you're not, Vanna. BUT you are even much faster than me!" Savannah seemed very flattered by this and said "Thank you Isaac!" And Isaac answered, as though bestowing a great kindness, "You're welcome, Vanna!"

This may not seem very funny in the retelling, but to me it was funny and kind of impressive. I felt like my small lectures about manners might be sinking in.

Of course when Isaac sticks his fingers in his nose I am reminded that we still have a long way to go. Oh well.

I hope everyone is having a great Friday!

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