Monday, January 30, 2012

Products We Love

Here are some things the twins have been enjoying lately:

This yoga dvd is so much fun! And it's educational: it reinforces their knowledge of the alphabet. Each stretch starts off with a letter of the alphabet and the sound it makes. Then we do a stretch that starts with that letter. We also inhale, then we say the vowels as we exhale. It's great for rainy days when we can't go outside, or just to start off the day. It's actually a good little workout too!

S & I got this for Christmas - they LOVE it! This easel has everything: a dry erase board, chalk board, tray to hold art supplies, a roll of paper, and clips to hold paper in place. They get really creative!

 Another Christmas gift that they love and take almost everywhere: pillow pets! I wouldn't have thought that they would love these things so much, but they do. But hey, pillow pets are cuddly and cute - what's not to like?

I've already mentioned this easy bake oven in a couple of posts, but I will mention it again! This is a fun little oven. They love to bake, so this is great because they get to do everything without much help.

Alright, there you have it! Some of the things we are loving right now! Here is a picture of the twins doing "yoga" this morning:

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