Monday, January 2, 2012

Farewell Coffee Shop

 During a visit to our favorite coffee shop last week, I discovered that my camera was in my purse. How convenient! Anyway, I took some pictures because I knew this might be our last visit. This is a great place, but the owners are retiring and closing up shop. Isn't this a cute pic of my sister Kimberly? She was wearing Isaac's hat. Love it!
 This is my baby sister Lydia, drinking a "London Fog" - she doesn't like coffee. (gasp)
 The ice cream corner, Savannah and Isaac's favorite place!
 My coffee cup.
 Sister's cute scarf.
 Sis Melissa on the left, friend (and cousin in law) Laura on the right.
 Beloved espresso maker.

The twins enjoying some gummy bears :)

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Go Lydia! Enjoy that London Fog.
Is Kudos still open? That could be your new favorite spot if Beans and Cream closes for good. Of course Dunkin Doughnuts is in town too now.