Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not much to write about...

This has been a good week so far. My Birthday was Monday, and I turned 26! Sunday my family had a little party for me & my sisters made a cake. It was really good, hopefully I will get some pictures soon. I didn't take any pictures myself. Monday night we went out to eat, just the four of us. It was nice!

Tuesday morning I went to MOPS for the second time. That was good, except that Savannah had two "accidents", and I only had one extra pair of pants for her. And Isaac had to sit in time out most of the time for bad behavior. :( I am working on that! Although he is very sweet, he is also very aggressive, and I am having a really hard time training him! After MOPS, we went to Walmart & I finally got some paint for the door in the living room! I have been wanting to paint that ugly brown door since we moved in! (almost 3 yrs ago) That evening some friends came over, and they brought a cake for my Birthday! I am really being blessed with cakes this year!! It isn't helping my weight loss efforts though(what efforts, really?).

Yesterday I painted the door in the living room a buttery color called "touch of gold". We have a lot of wood in our living room, so it goes well & adds some color. It was a beautiful day, so we were outside most of the day! :-)

Yesterday evening, though, was not quite so pleasant. I was busy making supper, and they were just getting up from their nap. Isaac came into the kitchen, apparently grabbed the sunscreen off of the counter, and a few minutes later I heard loud wailing and crying (and screaming), coming from their bedroom. I ran to the bedroom, and Isaac came out with a face full of sunscreen. It was everywhere, including matted up over his eyes! Savannah also had it on her face, although not as much, and not in her eyes. You better believe they got in trouble for that stunt, because they know that the sunscreen is a "no no"!! Isaac was miserable for a long time, it took awhile to get all of that stuff flushed out of his eyes! Anyway, he is fine now, his eyes haven't bothered him today!

We enjoyed the sunshine yesterday, and although today is rainy, we are looking forward to more sunshine tomorrow! Thank you Lord!
I hope everyone is having a great week! Happy Thursday!


Jessica said...

I'm glad that you had such a good birthday! I mailed you your birthday present late but hopefully you will get it soon. :)

Caroline said...

Happy birthday, happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a great day! We have so much in common--I have a March bday too! Hope to see you soon! Love--Erika