Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday! Part 2

This is the face she made before the sweet smile that I was able to get a picture of!(former post)
This is what Isaac was doing while I was taking the picture of him smiling. (former post) He is on top of Uncle Jesse (my little brother). Isaac is always trying to pick a fight with him!
Savannah's cake. I wasn't fast enough to get a pic of Isaac's in this light.

Blowing out candles. You can tell she is really trying!
He blew his out immediately!
This is a great pic of S & I with my sis Melissa. They are wearing new presents. Isaac's hat & Savannah's cute tutu are both from her. :)

THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! For the sweet Happy Birthday wishes! They were/are greatly appreciated!


Melissa said...

I love these pictures. And that really is a good picture of us. :D

Jessica said...

Such great pictures. I enjoy watching them try to blow out the candles. They knew what to do this year.
Last year and the year before that they were grabbing for the candles. That was so funny.