Friday, June 21, 2013

Lydia's Birthday

My youngest sister Lydia turned seventeen on the 14th of this month. She is still a little girl to me, and I guess she always will be! We celebrated her birthday a couple of weeks ago:
                              Lydia with our proud parents :)
                                         Lydia & me.
          Jesse (little bro), Lydia, Isaac, Kimberly.
                                    Lydia & the twins.
    Sisters! Melissa, Lydia, Kimberly.  We were missing you Jessica!!

I know this is a little late, but: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYDIA! Blessings to you this year and every year! I love you!


meatiredmama said...

Thanks for posting these. If it was left to me we would have no pictures. You are a great photographer and sister and wonderful daughter.

Beth b said...

Thanks Mom!:-) I love you!