Sunday, June 2, 2013

First Fair

This weekend we drove the short distance to Mississippi and took the twins to the "Ultimate Fair". (not what I named it - just what the sign said!)

They were so so so excited. This was their first time to attend a fair, ride rides, eat cotton candy...

First ferris wheel ride - I went with them! They were very impressed with the view.
*First cotton candy!
 Funny boy :-)
Such a lady.
They met some new friends! Twin boys who are almost six. They just happened to all get on the same ride.
This was their favorite ride - The Dragon!


* I just realized (while looking through old posts), that the twins have had cotton candy before at a fall festival when they were three! They were just too young to remember. So I guess this was their first time to have cotton candy and remember they had it. Which doesn't really matter because cotton candy isn't terribly important. I'm only mentioning it because I feel like a big fat liar. Ha!

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