Tuesday, December 4, 2012

1st Post From Alabama

Greetings from the Alabama hills! I'm trying to revamp the blog a little, so the "about me" section is not quite right yet. If you have an opinion on the new blog title, feel free to comment. I was informed by blogger that I've filled up the available free space for pictures, so I had to join google+ or pay for more space. Obviously a ploy to force people into googe+, but whatever. It worked. Ha! So I'll have to redo some things when I have time. Which means never.

 Anyway! We now (finally) have internet at our new house, so it's time to post some pictures:
 (He's wearing my jacket)

It is beautiful and peaceful out here and we love it. We're still working on the house and moving things around, so still very busy! I've posted some pictures of the inside of the house on instagram, and plan to repost them here soon, but for now I'm out of time. I hope everyone is having a wonderful evening!


Caroline said...

Awwww, the sweetness of that hug! :)

I love the new blog title!

Beth b said...

Thank you Caroline!! So glad to see your sweet baby!