Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Princess Spot

I haven't posted in awhile, we've been so busy! So I thought I would post a few cute pictures from this morning:
 I love Savannah's hair, flowing in the wind! It was a little too breezy though (felt great!), so I put her flowing locks back in a pony-tail. ;)
 Isaac Isaac Isaac... Does this face remind y'all of Dennis the Menace?
 A sweet neighbor dog came over for a visit. Savannah named her "Princess Spot", because she's a girl dog, and she has a black spot on her back. Do I have a girly girl or what?
The twins are so excited about getting a dog when we move! We were always afraid of having a dog in this house because we live close to a highway. We definitely won't have to worry about that in the new house.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Side-note: I noticed Ariel is lounging topless on the swing. I apologize for her indecent behavior.  

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meatiredmama said...

Beautiful grandchildren that I have.
Kimberly has been telling me stories from yesterday and yes, I would say he does remind me of Dennis the Menace. He is not a menace but certainly mischievous.
Yes Savannah is a girly girl and I do love her hair. Maybe you can see why I always was protective of my girl's hair and never wanted them to do weird things to it.