Friday, June 8, 2012

Garden +

 The corn we planted in a neighbor's field. It looks a little puny right now, although it's grown some since this picture.

 Blueberries we picked the other day. These are Isaac and Savannah's buckets. We went with Mimi, and she brought them some lemonade. As we were leaving the blueberry patch, we caught Isaac pouring lemonade into his bucket of berries and smashing them to pieces. He said he was making blueberry lemonade. *sigh*

 Cooking up some veggies. The squash and jalapenos are from our garden.
 Tomato blossoms.
 Tomato plants.
 No ripe tomatoes yet, but they're growing!
Bush beans.
Side view of the garden. You can see the tomato patch behind the chicken pen. The twins love to feed the chickens and pick vegetables! Isaac gets so excited when we have ripe squash for him to pick, but ironically he would rather go to bed hungry than eat it.

A few more pictures:
 Savannah lost her second tooth this week. They are on a roll! She keeps telling me about the food she can't eat because "It hurts my goned tooth". :)
 Isaac at the playground :)
These boys were funny. I did not know what to think about all the "smack" they were talking to each other! They seem very young to be doing that already! Cute and hilarious.

That's it on the picture overload! (for now)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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