Tuesday, November 1, 2011

HaLLoWeeN 2011

 Isaac and Savannah were really getting into their characters for these pictures... Hilarious.
 They're being kinda sweet in this one. Although Isaac looks like he's up to something, really. Look at the hand on her hair, and the deceptively sweet look in his eyes. Yep. He's up to something.
Okay, this is more fun. ;)
 This is a cell phone picture taken at MiMi's house, right after they got in from trick or treating. Isaac takes his role as Batman very seriously!
After trick or treating, Savannah is checking out her loot.
With MiMi! I couldn't get Isaac to look at the right moment. They both love their MiMi so much, and had fun trick or treating with her!
This is a Halloween morning picture, I included it because Isaac doesn't have his mask on here. He wanted me to paint his face too, since I "painted" Savannah's. It's really just eyeliner, but it worked.

The twins had fun, and I did too! I'm glad for any opportunity to spend time with family and make memories with our sweet chilluns!

Happy November 1st !

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