Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trout Fishing

We don't usually enjoy "tourist" activities, but Joe really wanted the twins to catch a fish. So we went to one of those little trout ponds where they were sure to catch one, and they loved it!


The man that worked there was great! I can't remember his name right now, but he was really good with Savannah and Isaac.
This is after, when they are watching him clean the fish.  Savannah caught one and Isaac caught three. We wanted to have one for each of us for supper. Savannah was really excited about catching her first fish, but after seeing it flop around in the bucket for a minute, she simply stated that she didn't want to catch another one.  She really enjoyed watching Isaac catch the rest though!
You see that little lump of something that Isaac is looking at? That's a fish heart. Still beating. This is Savannah's face after the fish guy suggested that they EAT the fish heart. This was not a happy thought for her!
 But, they spotted a cat and that made everything fun again!
Sweet chillins'!

Sorry, I don't have pics of them with the actual fish! What was I thinking? Next post I will share some pictures of us cooking and eating the fish at the cabin. I know that sounds exciting! Ha!

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