Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Question

"Mama, lets talk about, where do babies come from?"  This is a topic that Savannah has been very interested in lately, to my surprise. When I first heard her ask this question, I thought, where did this come from? I'm not ready for these questions! But I realized that she wasn't talking about the "birds the bees", she is just naturally curious about this strange phenomenon. I mean, hey, it is pretty amazing how a baby can be inside a women's tummy and then just appear one day!   So I talked to her and Isaac about how God puts the baby in a safe place inside the woman called a "womb", and then one day when they are big enough to live on the "outside", he brings them out. I also talked to them about when they were born, and what a special day that was.

Then one evening Isaac was talking to his Daddy about how he was born. I don't think I had mentioned that we had been talking about "where babies come from", but Daddy decided to clear up this mystery for Isaac. Joe said  "Yep, we found you outside, in a tomato can. I said, 'Mama, do you think we should take this little possum home with us?' She didn't really want to, but I talked her into it. We already had Savannah, so I thought we could take care of you too. We brought you home and have been taking care of you ever since. You're one of the family now, just my own little possum."  Isaac grinned and seemed okay with that idea. I interjected "Isaac, you know how you were born! Tell Daddy where you came from!"  He just grinned really big and said "I came from a tomato can!!"