Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Jumble of Christmas Pictures

 Isaac and Savannah helped decorate this gingerbread house a few days before Christmas. The candy did not last long!
 This is on Christmas morning. It actually snowed in Mississippi on Christmas morning!!! We had a white Christmas, which almost never happens. The first that I remember. Savannah and Isaac wanted to run out immediately, but you can tell by their faces it was too cold. :)
 This is just the beginning of the snow! On Christmas Eve, Savannah told me that we couldn't open presents on Christmas morning until it snowed. She was absolutely sure that it was going to snow. I told her we might have to wait a while, because it didn't usually snow on Christmas where we live.
 But it did snow, and they were SO EXCITED.  They put on their new raincoats and wanted to go back out!
 After we opened presents and had a big breakfast, we went to Mamaw and Papaw's house. We opened presents at their house too, but there was a lot going on, and I didn't get pictures! Isaac and Savannah are set for life in the toy department. Or at least until next year! We are very blessed, with wonderful family and friends most of all!
 Isaac wore his pj's all day. If I had a pair as cozy as those, I might have worn them all day too!
 My sweet Papaw and Mamaw.  I love them both so much!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Happy New Year!

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