Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

Savannah & Isaac were in a wedding this weekend. Actually, all four of us were in the wedding!
Savannah was the flower girl and Isaac was the ring bearer, of course. They did wear shoes, just not in these pictures. :) They did really well, I was proud of them! Isaac chewed on the pillow and wandered a little as they went down the isle, but oh well! They were cute!


Jessica said...

They are so cute.
Mom told me that Savannah threw a big handful of flowers near the end of the aisle because she remembered that she was supposed to be throwing flowers.

Beth said...

Thanks Jessica! Yes, they were funny walking down the isle. I'm glad Savannah remembered what she was supposed to do, I think that both of them had forgotten when they saw all those people! :)