Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thankful For Sunshine!

Isaac and Savannah sharing their wagon this morning. And they wonder why I take breaks!
Isaac flashing his very winning smile! He knows what gets Mama's attention!
Savannah likes to carry things in the "trunk" of her car. :)
Savannah was so into eating this plastic apple, I had to take a picture!

We had so much fun outside today! It has been raining so much lately, it is nice to be outside in the sunshine and cool air! I know I just posted pictures, but these are so cute I wanted to post them too... I definitely have a weakness for pictures of my babies. And don't try to tell me that they aren't babies anymore! They are! :-)

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Melissa said...

I love savannah's hand in that last picture!! It looks so plumpy and cute!!