Monday, October 19, 2009

Festival, Hayride, and Everyday Things

  1. Saturday we went to a local Fall Festival. These are some pics I took with my camera phone. I thought this one was sweet because they are sharing cotton candy. Isaac's hat kept unfolding and falling over his eyes. They ate way too much junk that day! Thank you, MiMi ;-)
I had explanations under each picture, but blogger is somehow messing up the order that my words and pics are in! I will just give a summary of what the pics are about. The first pics are of Isaac & Savannah at the festival on Sat.
They had their faces painted, I'm glad it was only a dollar ;-)

The farmhouse pic is at Country Pumpkins pumpkin patch on Sunday. We went to a twins play group there and had lots of fun! The next several pics are hayride scenery. Isaac and Savannah loved the hayride!

The wagon pictures are from our yard this morning. They love riding in the wagon, and I like pulling them around! :-)


Caroline said...

Your children are so freakin' cute!

Beth said...

How sweet! Thanks! :)

Beth said...

The paragraphs are still messed up, but at least I got rid of that space!

meatiredmama said...

I love looking at my precious grandbabies pictures.