Friday, March 27, 2009

Outside with the Chickens

I received this awesome blog award from Ace at I really enjoy her funny and inspiring blog :-)
Thank you Ace! I am so flattered!
Early in the day. Isaac is watching the chickens.

Savannah is watching the chickens.

This was much later. S & I love their cars!

The chickens start to go into their house around sunset.

They are starting to file in!

This was after they were in the house, trying to get comfortable. I don't think that they appreciated me using the flash.

I guess she came out to tell me to settle down and leave them alone.

Joe loves these chickens! He is always checking on them, and he likes to watch them roost at night, if he can. The other day when he went out to feed them, one of the chickens was lying on her back with her feet in the air. He immediately ran over to her, thinking that she was dead. Suddenly she jumped up and ran around the pen. She got him good.

I had to laugh.


Ace said...

Great sunset!

Beth said...


Tiffany said...

Your babies are sooo cute!!! One of my little boys were standing my the computer and saw the pics of the chicks, they thought they were too cute, the sunset was beautiful, and congrats on your blog award

KinaBolina said...

Why are chickens so darned cute? :)
I love the photo of Savannah and Isaac side by side looking through the fence at the chickens.
xoxo KB

Beth said...

Thank you Tiffany and KB! The babies really enjoy watching these chickens :-)

Jessica said...

They look so cute in their cars. I know they are having so much fun.

I love watching them watch the chickens too.