Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wedding & Reception Pictures Photography by Brittany Gail Lane

These pictures are from my sister Jessica's wedding. The first picture was actually taken at the dress  rehearsal. I love it!
This was shortly before the wedding.

Sisters: Bethany, Jessica, Melissa.

Brothers: Samuel, Daniel, Nathaniel. Sorry these pics came out a little blurry.
Bride's parents on the left, Groom's parents on the right.
Daniel and Jessica talking to Papaw at the reception.
Courtney & Cessley with their Mom, Andrea (in the middle).

Our family: Joe, Savannah, Bethany, Isaac.

Sisters: Peggy, Cathy, Andrea
The "Other" Inman family: Peggy, Margaret (Mother), Cathy, Andrea, Andy(Father).

Becky Inman (Daniel's Mom) created this beautiful fruit arrangement. She also did the flowers for the wedding ceremony.

Cousin Brittany Gail made this really awesome Groom's cake, with help from husband Trey.

Bride's sister Bethany(me) made the Bride's cake.
The decorations and flower arrangements for the reception were created by Glenda Stone.

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Jessica said...

These are great pictures of the reception.