Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Pictures

At Joe's Mom's house, Christmas Eve.
Savannah opens a new toy.
I open a great cooking set!
Isaac plays on the floor.

Ms. Sonya in her santa hat.
Savannah eats a pecan that Pawpaw Jerry shelled for her. She loves pecans.
Isaac enjoys his ride.

Savannah shares her new toys with Uncle Charlie.
Isaac rocks while hugging Savannah's stocking.
This is Christmas morning at our house:

Isaac has just woken up, and is a little dazed and confused.
Savannah checks out her dollhouse.
I help Isaac open a gift.

Isaac and Savannah eat a Christmas cookie.
These pictures are at Mamaw and Papaw's house, later that day:

Papaw gives Isaac his first haircut!

Alex, wearing his new tie.
Jessica and Brittany Gail.
Cessley and Andrea.

Courtney, Aunt Peggy, Papaw.
Kimberly and Sara.
I know that this is not everyone, but I haven't gone through all of my pics yet. Plus it was hard to get pictures of everyone...
Our Family, Sunday:
Merry Christmas!

Savannah dances, Christmas Eve.


Jessica said...

I love the pictures of Isaac peeking in the door.

I bet Savannah loves her new dollhouse.

I like checking in on all these pictures.

Melissa said...

I taught here those dance moves...
No....I WISH I taught her those dance moves.