Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Pictures

I haven't posted any pictures this month, so get ready for picture overload:

A few autumn decorations around the house ~
 At Country Pumpkins on different outings:

Avery and her MiMi ~
 Savannah, Lizzie, Isaac ~
 Elizabeth ~
Avery ~

 They decided dancing was more fun than picture taking...
I think they're right!
Cutie Pie.

On a festival day:

Green apple snow-cone tongues!
 Sweet friends ~
Tug of war!
 Boys vs girls in tug of war... the boys were outnumbered but they didn't let that stop them!
 Cotton war!

Our home-school friends! They had the BEST day.
Making caramel apples (the easy way) on halloween.
 Taking a walk before the storm came in today...

There are many other things that have been going on around here this month- birthday celebrations, school, crafty things, projects, baking, poison ivy outbreaks...  More pictures to come, since I know y'all love pictures as much as I do!

I hope all of you are enjoying this beautiful season ~

Happy Halloween!

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