Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow Day

This morning, Joe and I were awakened by the sounds of two children running from window to window and talking in high-pitched voices about the snow. They then ran into our room to let us know it was snowing everywhere including, so Savannah said, on daddy's truck!

So I got up and they ran outside to play, got cold and wet a few minutes later, and came back into the kitchen announcing to me that it was time for hot chocolate. 

It's been raining for DAYS around here, so we were all excited to see snow:

Looking out of Savannah's window. They wanted to show me the VERY BEST view. Of course I snuck in a picture - they looked so sweet.
 Time for hot chocolate. (Can you tell Savannah lost another tooth?)

Back outside:
 Had to make this crazy boy put his coat back on!
Beside the road.
 A neighbor (David) brought his sled. The twins were super excited.

 Our home.
 Isaac was all energy and movement. I don't know how he got his leg up so high.
 Looking down our road.
 Gazing out of the window.
Pretty little stream of water snaking through the trees.
 Handsome Cardinal enjoying the snow.

Happy Snow Day!


meatiredmama said...

I just love that you documented those moments. This is probably the second snow that the twins have experienced. I remember the Christmas that Savannah said that they couldn't open presents until it snowed. You never expected that it actually would snow. They have such an enthusiasm for enjoying life and it is contagious.

Caroline said...

There is not much quite as beautiful and captivating as a light winter snow! :)

And oh goodness about your comment on my blog. Thank you...every bit of advice this new mom can get is much appreciated.

xoxo C

Gail Lane said...

I just love all of these pictures. Bethany, you have such a good eye.