Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we met Mimi, Aunt Leigh, and the cousins at Country Pumpkins (aka, the Pumpkin Patch). This was Baby Avery's first outing. Her sister Elizabeth (Lizzie) had her first outing here two years ago, so it was really neat that Avery's first outing was at the same place. They were both August babies, and are two years apart. I know they'll be best friends!

 Can you believe how much the twins have grown? I can't.
 Sweet Lizzie riding in the wagon.
Baby Avery. You can tell her Mama is talking to her.
Playing in the corn bin, still a favorite!
Baby Love. She is so so precious.  Joe laughs at me when I say things like that, but I can get away with it, so HA! I'm a Mama and an Aunt.
I'm not sure what is so wonderful about lounging in the corn, but obviously it is very relaxing. They did this quite often.
We were trying to get a picture with Lizzie too, but she was very distracted. You can't tell by looking at their serene faces, but total craziness was going on in front of these three.
Savannah, Mimi and Avery. I know I just posted a picture similar to this, but this is so sweet I had to add it. I have several of these, each with Savannah admiring different things about Avery. Her little fingers, cheeks, ears. Savannah loves babies, and especially Avery. She is so good with her, it just melts my heart. (Another phrase I can get away with since I'm a Mama)


Anywho, I've gotta run! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday!

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