Friday, February 17, 2012

Tomorrow is Party Day

Well, I'm off to get some balloons and things for the twin's birthday party. We're having it early this year, because there is so much going on next weekend. We needed to simplify things this year!

Thinking about the twin's turning five yrs old is hard for me. I'm excited for their birthday, but FIVE? How can they be FIVE already?!

I won't lie. At first, having twins is hard. My friends that have twins, you understand! ;) I know anyone who has kids would understand! I was really surprised when I found out I was having twins, but SO excited. Very. I never felt overwhelmed by it, just blessed. Then the babies were born and I still felt grateful and blessed, but also stressed. How will I get them on the same napping schedule? Will I ever figure out how to nurse them at the same time? How does anyone use these darned twin nursing pillows? I felt like I was pumping or nursing all the time.

Then potty training. That was a nightmare. I'm not a good "potty-trainer". I tried to be laid back about it, but sometimes I wondered if I would ever convince a certain little boy that the toilet was really the best place to do business.

Anyhow, I won't continue with all of the "difficult" times. The blessings definitely overshadow the difficulties!

All that to say, now they are turning five. They are turning five, and suddenly life is easier. We've made it over certain hurdles. They are very independent, and can do (and want to do) for themselves in many areas. Sure, now there are going to be new challenges. Teaching them to read. Teaching them everything! Gulp. But suddenly I feel not quite so needed. And I'm not sure how I feel about that. Ha!

I know, I'm just an emotional mommy. I am. Before having children, I wasn't very sentimental. Motherhood has a way of changing a person. Sometimes I have a hard time making it through "Love You Forever" (when I'm reading it to my kids), without tearing up. Big time. Sometimes I cry at commercials.

You see where this is going.

My babies aren't really babies anymore! Waaaaahhh! What is my purpose in life now???

Okay, I got that out of my system.

I do know that my husband and children still need me, and I'm (very) glad that the twins are more independent. It is a good thing! Sometimes I just have a hard time coping with change, and with the swift but necessary passage of time.

Anywho, this post turned into something more than I planned. Kudos to you if you read it all. Thanks for letting me bare my soul.

Now I'm going to go cry because my children are growing up so fast.

It's okay, not really doing that! I've got too many things to do today!

Happy Friday!!!


Peggy Jones said...

First, Happy Birthday to Savannah and Isaac!!! You are such a great mother!! I can and have and do relate to all you have said!!! Times are a changing with new challenges and precious memories!I love you all bunches and love that I can keep up with you and your precious family.

Beth said...

Aunt Peggy, you are so sweet! I love you!!