Monday, April 19, 2010

Laura's Bridal Shower (ok, LOTS of pictures)

This is the lovely bride-to-be, Laura.
Pretty pinks. this picture should be after the next one, but oh well.
The yummy Strawberry cake I made for her shower. I got the recipe from "All Things Heart and Home", and it is delicious! Click the blog title for the recipe! Definitely a keeper!! Thank you for this recipe Robin!
Delicious punch.

One of the hostesses.
Ms. Kitty, also a hostess, and owner of this beautiful house! She is tremendously talented!!
Just some details...Melissa took most of these pics & did a marvelous job!

I brought Savannah, and she just loved Ms. Kitty's bulldog!
Laura & Michelle.

I took these, you can tell it is a different camera...

I'm adding this picture because this door is so creative and beautiful! Kitty collected some pretty plates & had them turned into this "stained glass" door! Love it!

My lovely and talented sister Melissa.
This is not a great picture of us, but I still like it! Left to right: Laura, me, Melissa.


Caroline said...

What a beautiful home, beautiful bride to be, and...that cake looks delicious!!!
Your little Savannah is the sweetest thing...I love seeing children being so loving with melts my heart!

Robin said...

How wonderful everything turned out! The table looked so beautiful...and your cake was gorgeous! I love the addition of the whipped cream! Brilliant...strawberries & Cream!!!

Love to you Sweet Girl..

Melissa said...

I want some more of that cake.
Also, I think I am going to practice my "sitting up straight" skills....those need to be fine tuned a little.