Thursday, September 3, 2009

Green Tomatoes and Other Things

Some of our green tomatoes. Most of them look like this right now. I accidentally let the chicken's out today. They are fine, they've just been walking around the yard eating bugs. I hope they eat all the mosquitoes! We usually let them out right before dark - they eat some bugs and roam around, then go back in the pen to roost. I feel a little nervous when they are out all day.
The Rooster likes to strut his stuff!

Jalapenos on our table....they just looked pretty.
Isaac with his tractor. :-) He likes to push it around, and then get on when it is in the perfect spot.
Laying on the grass together. so cute. Picture quality, not so good.
Hamming it up!


Ace said...

Oh, green tomatoes. Fry some and eat them for me! I don't like ripe tomatoes but I'd take fried green tomatoes any day!

Beth said...

I love fried green tomatoes! Made some the other day...gotta have them with ranch dressing :)

Jessica said...

I was thinking of fried green tomatoes too, when I saw that picture.

I like 'em fried when they are green, but I have not cooked any fried green tomatoes out of our small garden patch. I've just been letting them get ripe so I can make salsa and BLT's etc.

Melissa said...

I want some fried green tomatoes next time you make some!!

Jessica said...

I answered your comment on my own blog. I just thought I'd let you know here. :)