Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Savannah and Isaac at "Country Pumpkins" pumpkin patch, Monday.
Isaac and Savannah on their first ever hayride - they did not want their picture taken! I'm smiling and looking goofy, and Isaac is staring at the tractor. This was NOT a great day for pictures!
Miss Sonya (Savannah calls her Me-me), & Savannah (she is pointing at the tractor).

This is actually a picture of Savannah AFTER her nap - the rest of these are before the nap. As you can see, I did not post many pictures of her "before the nap".
Isaac rides in the wagon.
Isaac sits on a blue squash and tries to smile. I appreciate the effort.
"Before the nap"
Savannah loved pushing and pulling the wagon.
Isaac loved sitting in the wagon. He also enjoyed running around and looking at all of the pumpkins, gourds, etc.
Savannah helps me arrange the pumpkins.
S & I eat snack (after nap).

S & I play at the park: (different day)

Isaac and Savannah swing by themselves for the first time :)
Playing on the slide...
They love the sandbox - especially Savannah.

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Jessica said...

Isaac looks so funny in these pictures. He is just staring. . .

I love the ones of them on the slide together. They are so sweet.